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About us

Creative Couple


Denton Design Studios, led by the dynamic duo Kevin and Elizabeth, blend their artistic passions to curate exclusive workshops, unique events, art-centric pop-ups, and soulful self-care experiences within our serene Courtyard.

Together, they bring a sophisticated touch to fostering the arts in the community, driven by a shared enthusiasm for creativity in their daily lives.

Kevin, with over two decades of storytelling through his photographs, is not just an artist but a devoted contributor and board member of Arts Benicia. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, the alchemist of Ceramic Sculpture and Multi-medium artistry, intertwines astrology, feng shui, meditation, and a harmonious way of living. Both are avid supporters of the arts and local animal rescues.

Explore their gallery at upcoming events or schedule an appointment to immerse yourself in their creative sanctuary. They eagerly anticipate becoming integral members of the lively downtown community, sharing their artistic expressions with all.